Low Table 02

This table has been designed to reflect both the physical space and mental state of it's user. As a silent observer, its mirrored surfaces creates an awareness in its user of his or her own ritualistic behaviours. The juxtaposition between the polished mirror surface and the organic form of the supporting tree trunk extenuates the dialogue between the perfect and imperfect.

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Interchangeable Leg (Tree Trunk)

H 450mm, L 1300mm, W 500mm


Day Bed

A conventional daybed has been simplified into three visible material elements; Timber Planks, Linen, and Saddle Felt to create an undesigned appearance. The extended surface frames a void for meditation.

Recycled Timber Planks, Acrylic Paint, Saddle Felt, Linen and Polyeurathane Foam

H 200mm, L 1800mm, W 700mm


Images courtesy of: Yuill Crowley Gallery