Chen Lu designs objects, furniture and spaces. In each project Lu starts with Malevich’s black square and within the boundary of this infinity he questions or proposes another way of seeing and experiencing our relationship with the world around us.

When Lu applies this exercise to objects they develop an ambiguous function. Lu's objects invite interaction intended to stir the users’ imagination. The abstract forms challenge object-memory, promoting creative thinking and personal insight.

Lu's attraction to the black square as a purposefully ambiguous design position, combined with his desire to erase the designer’s mark and signature, opens the notion of utility to wit and play as design devices. These very different methods have allowed Lu to design a broad spectrum of installations, interiors, and several unique ranges of objects.

Lu has produced works for Hermés, Paspaley Pearls, Monument Magazine, Vogue Living, Belle, Art and Australia, Billy Kwong (Surry Hills), Simon Johnson, Bill Granger, Ondene, Broached Commissions, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA), and Yuill Crowley Gallery.